25 February 2013 0 Comments
New iPhone app - Drive Mode

Here’s a peek at my newest iPhone app:

The iPhone app I use the most is Waze, a turn-by-turn navigation app. Without it, I would probably never get anywhere.

Google Maps is great when I travel abroad, it really is becoming a great navigation app with tons of cool features.

There’s one problem both these navigation apps have, they lack the ability to enter a new destination during driving.

I always have to lie and say “I’m not the driver” while trying to tap the correct letters of my desired destination. It never works.

Drive Mode

Meet Drive Mode, the app that lets you speak and tell your iPhone where you want to go.

It listens and understands where you asked it to go and automatically starts navigating using your favorite navigation app with the destination you spoke.

It currently supports Waze, Google Maps and Apple Maps. It does not rely on Siri so you can use it on iPhone 4 and older devices.

Other than the coolness of talking to your iPhone, you can also keep your eyes on the road and drive more safely.


The app is now available on the App Store.

Drive Mode

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